Together we want to redefine trading and investing.


We believe in a strong community. You should feel encouraged to share your feedback and requests for the next features. That’s the spirit we have and now you can read our story.  

lemon.markets API für Algorithmisches Trading
  • Trump to Cash Bot

    Marcel and Max discover the Trump to Cash Bot by Max Braun. Can we use it for us? Do German brokers offer the right infrastructure? Where can we do the testing?

  • Do trading API have to be hard to integrate and super expensive?

    The integration of existing brokers is difficult or excessive fees rob us of our profits. We realize that a new approach is needed. We want to know whether others have the same problems.

  • Apitrage.de

    With our first prototype, we were able to inspire over 1000 interested customers. It quickly became clear that we had to build a working prototype. 

  • Founders Foundation

    The Founders Foundation in Bielefeld takes us in, we fully focus on developers and start the development of the prototype. We can win Marius for our project.

  • Our prototype is live!

    With lemon.markets we enable a dynamic community to implement your strategies automatically. The Algo Trading Competition is designed to prove the success of the strategies. 

  • Enable automated investing

    Together with you we want to redefine investing and trading. Help us to make our vision come true and support us on this journey.

Who are we?

Developers, Strategists, Makers

Together we want to redefine automated investing and trading.

Marcel Katenhusen bei lemon.markets

Marcel Katenhusen

Software Developer

Max Linden bei lemon.markets

Maximilian Linden

Business Development

Marius Sprenger bei lemon.markets

Marius Sprenger

Frontend Developer

You want to support us in our mission?

Fill out the short form and send us your initiative application. Together we will find out if lemon.markets is the place where you can put down roots for the next years. We are driven by the motivation to do things differently. Therefore we need an A-Level Team. For us this consists mainly of software developers, designers and data scientists. What ever role you meet in it, we look forward to getting to know you in a first conversation.