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lemon.markets API für Algorithmisches Trading

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Make use of automation yourself

Together we can find new paths on the financial markets to build succesful strategies.

lemon.markets API für Algorithmisches Trading

New Opportunities

You no longer have to confirm each trade individually, let your software do the hard work for you.

lemon.markets API für Algorithmisches Trading

Minimize Risk

Often the news on the markets are overwhelming, to have all positions equally in mind is a challenge.

lemon.markets REST-API für Algorithmisches Trading

Stay in control

Every action is based on your code, so you can make sure that everything goes the way you want without watching charts all day. 

Voices from the community

You can do the talking for us

"I have been experimenting with trading based on technical indicators for quite some time. Here I have the possibility to automate everything."
Konrad Schubert
Software Developer
"I now implement my value investing strategy largely automatically, which helps me to monitor more positions in less time"
Sebastian Ackham
Value Investor
"I often missed opportunities because I could not react fast enough, now I process news in real time."
Maria Molinari
Software Developer
"Before I traded in the crypto sector and am now trying my strategies on the stock market, so far quite successfully."
Freddy Müller
Computer Science Student