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Use the dashboard for a quick overview – equity, portfolio composition, your place on the ranking list as well as all your orders and transactions.

lemon.markets verbindet mit einer API/Schnittstelle

Getting started on lemon.markets

Simple and clear explained with sample-code for copy & paste, so you can start right away. Starting with the generation of your first access token up to the execution of the first order.

lemon.markets API für Algorithmisches Trading

Trading Competition

Until the end of November, we will be hosting a trading competition. There you have the possibility to find out which trading algorithm performs best. Your relative performance of the respective strategy is measured over the period of the competition, from the day you start on lemon.markets. Every week we look at the best strategies and introduce the people behind them. More information can be found in our FAQ.

What are the advantages of lemon.markets

To trade in the stock market completely without emotions is a challenge for many people. Pre-defined logics and strategies not only save time, but above all make rational decisions.

No traditional brokerage

We build an interface from developers for developers. Therefore your feedback is very important to us. With us you will not find any classic brokerage offers. 

Subscribe to real-time market data

No more scraping a website or reading in CSV files by yourself. Get all the data in real time from one interface which not only saves time in the development process.

Become part of our community

At the core of lemon.markets is our vision to enable automated trading. So nobody knows better than you which features are needed. Please share your feedback with us at any time.