State-of-the-Art Brokerage, scalable infrastructure for every use case

No matter who you are, FinTech or Incumbent, Investment Fund or asset manager, we offer you possibilities to use our software to help you succeed and focus on the relationship to your clients, because that is what really matters. 

lemon.markets API für Algorithmisches Trading

lemon.markets enables its customers to offer stock trading to their own customers without having to set up the whole infrastructure. Via our interface own trading or investing applications can be developed. This allows neo banks as well as any other company to create a holistic customer experience in their own product. Linked to your frontend our interface can create a superior user experience thus ensure a smooth process.

Thereby lemon.markets focuses entirely on the provision of the infrastructure and scales it according to customer needs. At the same time, the users of the service benefit from a uniform solution for their finances. Be it for retirement provision or active trading.

Make use of automated strategies. lemon.markets offers this possibility not only to end customers, but of course also to professional investors. Irrespective of the legal form of your organization, lemon.markets supports professional customers with its own Customer Success Manager and thus offers tailor-made solutions. Together, added value can be created for retail customers so that they no longer miss any opportunities or automatically monitor risks. Simply contact us and discuss the appropriate solution.

With a product that operates with many modern microservices, lemon.markets can offer banks and other financial service providers the opportunity to integrate our software into their own applications. This enables a quick go-to market of new products or a reduction of IT costs of existing infrastructure. In close cooperation with our software developers, we offer tailor-made packages that can be deployed for a variety of use cases. Further developments can be implemented quickly, because there is an intrinsic interest not only to meet the wishes of our partners, but also to permanently iterate our own product.

Building our service with scalable technology

lemon.markets API für Algorithmisches Trading