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Develop your own automated trading algorithms at the stock market with lemon.markets

Build automated strategies at the stock market

Powering algorithmic trading – Develop your own trading Algorithms, Bots or Applications on lemon.markets. Real time Market Data and Order Execution – everything in one API.

lemon.markets is in open Beta

In our open Beta you are able to test the fully functional API with your strategy, completely without any risk, just using paper money instead. 

Stay on top of your trades with our dashboard

Find all your trades and strategies in one place – clear portfolio overview and most important your rank in the trading competition. 

What you can expect of lemon.markets

From Developers for developers. Your feedback is our most valuable asset. Therefore, we are continuously developing new features and permanently want to enable new strategies. 

Extensive Documentation

Clear, easy to understand and formatted in Redoc or Swagger. Always up to date – from developers for developers. 

Market Data in Real time

Real-time market data for over 8250 stocks, 1250 bonds or 1750 ETF’s. Easy accessible via our API including the relevant base data.

Flawless Order Execution

All relevant order types right from the start. Including market, limit, stop loss or best execution- order types suitable for every strategy.

Become part of our community

We want to facilitate exchange in a safe place. Join our Slack Community now and exchange ideas.

Blueprint for your own strategies

On our blog we present exciting strategies for you. Ready to be improved by you for an even better performance.

What can we do for a better experience?

You know best what to develope next. Take part in this short survey and review lemon.markets for all customers.

Code your own trading algorithm

Make your first trade with our State-of-the-Art REST-API in less than 5 minutes 


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Updates from lemon.markets

lemon.markets API für Algorithmisches Trading

Enabling automated investing

Together with you, we want to enable automated investing for everyone. Find out more about our vision in this blog post written by our founders. 

lemon.markets API für Algorithmisches Trading

Algo Trading Competition

Your chance to show everyone that your strategy is outperforming the market. Compete with over 1000 strategies in our Algo Trading Competition, more details in our FAQ section.

lemon.markets API für Algorithmisches Trading

Examples and Guides

We want to inspire you with new strategies to try for yourself. Providing extensive resources, so you can really deep dive in algorithmic trading.