lemon.markets Developers

Powering algorithmic Trading

Infrastructure for trading and investing. With lemon.markets we democratize access to the stock market and enable first all developers and subsequently everyone to bring their own ideas to the market.

New possibilities of financial freedom through automated strategies.

Put simply, we believe that yet there is no direct link between investor’s ideas, strategies or logics and the stock markets. Broker Dealers so far only offer solutions that cost you extra time and money to place orders manually in their app or on their website. This is not thought through, in the end a broker differentiates himself of course by the added value of the product, but if everyone just works on improving his frontend, it rarely helps to make your strategy more successful or to open up more possibilities. lemon.markets will offer services based on this simple thought. An API is the first step, because it allows a direct interface to the exchange. Integrating market data is a matter of course, so that you can test and experiment without having to worry about the appropriate testing environment. In the future lemon.markets will be able to offer much more. Software development kits that help with the biggest challenges, the basic framework for an app or detailed content for new strategic approaches. So you can build a service that meets your requirements. No matter if you are a day trader, value investor or professional quant.

We stand behind our values
API-First 100%
Transparent 100%
For Developers 100%

Together we want to build the first Paneuropean Broker

You realize we have a lot planned, but it’s only going to work as a team. We need you for your feedback, your creativity and your trust. Only together we can build a company that is really focused on building a product for it’s customers. That’s why we want to do everything we can to ensure that you can trade successfully with lemon.markets. Everyone keeps saying that with a few developers as customers you don’t really reach a critical mass. Well that might be true, but we see much more potential. It is exactly this group of makers and builders who are able to implement their own products and ideas. Therefore, an ecosystem of services for this developers needs to be created around lemon.markets. We support this with everything we have. Free testing, feedback discussions and much more. We are infrastructure, which means for us that everyone should have access. This is how we can change things effectively and grow beyond borders.

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You want to join our cause and work with some pretty awesome people?

Fill out the short form and send us your initiative application. Together we will find out if lemon.markets is the place where you can put down roots for the next years. We are driven by the motivation to do things differently. Therefore, we need an A-Level Team. For us this consists mainly of software developers, designers and makers of all kinds. What ever you meet in this A-team, we look forward to getting to know you in a first call.